Accumulating many unique rideable rides in the game is one aspect of MMORPGs that fans love. Because it can not only show off to friends and strangers, but also serve as a faster transportation. However, there will be no rideable mounts in the MMORPG New World, which is a bold decision made by New World and sets it apart from the rest of the competition. - MMO New World Coins Selling Site

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The fantasy of being one of the first settlers in the titular new world of Aeternum is a key selling point of the New World. Players can explore and map across Aeternum's fourteen territories. The story of New World begins when the player is shipwrecked on the island. So, any animal on board that can be used as a mount may not be successful. So from a lore perspective, since its New World Coins animals are not domesticated, it makes perfect sense that there are no mounts on Aeternum.

Whereas other games in the genre might see players start out in a well-defined city, New World players will jump right into the action. It's an immersive action-focused MMORPG where players explore without traditional lock-on aiming. While PvP and PvE are an important part of the gameplay experience, and while it's possible to choose to escape the threat of conflict with mounts, it doesn't fit New World's Aeternum vision.

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