In addition to appearing everywhere, including on the streets and on the faces of celebrities, the Brazilian Hair Distributor is now more fashionable than ever before and is regaining its reputation. It adapts to all of your preferences and desires, which makes your wig factories an excellent beauty ally for everyday wear in the first place. You've probably dreamed of having flawless, silky hair or gorgeous, glamorous curls, but you've been too afraid to go ahead and get them? Well, this is your opportunity. During this session, we'll share all of our best tips and tricks for straightening and curling your wigs company in a quick and safe manner.

Keep an eye out for websites that straighten or curl synthetic wigs, which we strongly advise against because they have the potential to catch fire very quickly if not handled properly. Our recommendation is to only use a heat source on natural wigs, which are not afraid of heat sources to begin with.


Straighten her naturally occurring wig to make it more presentable.


PREVIOUS STEP: Place your wig on a head holder, or even better yet, on a polystyrene head, and make sure that it is properly aligned with your face. To allow for brushing, the fibers must be able to move freely without coming into contact with the support. Even more straightforward implementation can be accomplished by simply using pins to hold the wig in place. Several pins should be placed on the top of the head, at each of the temples, along the sides, behind each ear, and at the back of the head. Pins or thumbtacks can be used to hold things together while they are being assembled.

STEP 2: Take the wholesale wigs and untangle it as much as you can. In order to accomplish this, we recommend that you use a wooden brush with coarse teeth. The direction of brushing is always from the tips of the hair to the roots of the hair, and never the other way around.

THE THIRD STEP: Preparing and protecting the hair by spritzing it with a conditioner will help to keep it looking youthful.

STEP 4: Tie the top of your hair into a loose bun, just enough to allow the lower hair to be free. STEP 5: Style your hair as desired.

STEP 5: Straighten your hair with a hair straightener to complete the look.

Straighten the lower hair with a curling iron set to the bare minimum temperature (150 degrees), taking strands that are 2 to 5 cm wide and curling them. Pull out your bun and straighten the top part of your hair, then repeat the process with your other hair.

Verify that there are no knots in your hair, and then use your hair dryer to place strands that are 2 to 5 cm wide at the front of your hairline.

Make use of your hair dryer at the lowest temperature possible, and lower your brush along the length of your hair as you blow it dry to achieve the best results. Remove the bun from your hair and use your fingers to smooth the remaining strands. Please remember to avoid directing your hair dryer directly into your hair!

Form the curls in your natural wig using your fingers.

STEP 1: Using the pins, position your wig in the same manner as described in Step 2 above. STEP 2: Remove the pins.

THE SECOND STEP: Detangle the wig in the same way that you did in the first.

STEP 3: Saturate the entire hair wholesale with the conditioner spray by spraying it on from the top to the bottom.

Styling tip: Tie the top of your hair into a loose bun, leaving just enough room for the lower hair to flow freely below the bun.

COOLING IRON STEP 5: Curl the wick to a length of 2 to 5 cm with a curling iron. Wrap the wick around the iron, being careful not to touch the base of the wig, which could cause the wig to burn. Make a wig end at the base of your iron and wrap the remainder of the wick around it.

After 5 to 10 seconds, remove the iron and repeat the process once more. Repetition of the previous step is required to finish the lower strands. After that, separate the bun from the rest of your hair and curl each strand individually in the opposite direction. In the end, if you want the curls to have a less noticeable effect, you can brush the curls with more force than usual.