Twenty-one new FUT heroes have debuted ahead of FIFA 23, and they've gotten a comic book-style makeover thanks to a new deal between EA and Marvel. Check out u7buy for cheap fifa coins and fifa info.

In the announcement, EA also revealed the card ratings and basic stats of the inductees, and some very special players are coming.

Table of Contents Speedy Saudi Brings Speed ​​FUT Heroes We all love having a speed racer in our Ultimate Team, and it looks like we know who's going to be the fastest player in FUT 23.


fast saudi
Saeed Al-Owairan, who has spent his entire career with Saudi club al-Shabaab, might have been overlooked internationally had it not been for a sensational solo goal that sent Saudi Arabia to the second round during the 1994 World Cup.

Receiving the ball in his own half and beating five men, Al-Owairan shot home after running 69 metres on his own.

To celebrate that moment, he was awarded a FUT Hero card, with an OVR rating of 88 for his FIFA World Cup FUT Hero variant.

However, the really eye-catching stat is his 99 PAC, making him the fastest player in Ultimate Team!

We don't yet know if his base FUT hero card will also have max speed, but that certainly makes him a man to watch in upcoming games.

bring pace
While we don't yet have official stats for the other players in FIFA 23, we know that Al-Owairan will be at the top simply because you can't get better!

The player we predict close to him in pure speed is Kylian Mbappe, who can also have the highest overall rating in the game.

Click to enlarge Take off - Al-Owairan could be the new favorite in FUT 23 The Frenchman has a 97 PAC in FIFA 22 and we don't see that changing.

Also on it is Adama Traore, who has 96 PACs and was an early FUT favorite.

You can check out the fastest players in FIFA 23 here.

FUT hero
FUT Heroes, a new item in FIFA 22, represent memorable moments that turn individual players into fan favorites.

The FIFA community sees FUT Heroes as the next tier of ICON in Ultimate Team.

View Details FUT Heroes has specific league chemistry tied to specific hero moments, green club links for any player in the same league, and the usual country links.

Throughout the FUT 22 season, we've seen FUT heroes get upgrades in the FUT Captain and Shapeshifter trailers to align them with the game's increased power curve.